Reasons to get a side hustle
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11 Reasons to Get a Side Hustle

Spoiler – it’s not only for the money

Everyone is now talking about side hustles. If you are wondering what is all the fuss around this idea, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn what is a side hustle, why having a side hustle is a total game-changer and the 11 of the main reasons to get a side hustle starting today.

Intro to 11 reasons to get a side hustle

If the concept of a side hustle is new to you is because it is a new need for many people. No matter what your opinion is on the matter, C-19 and the lockdowns of 2020 have changed our world and shaped it into a new way of seeing things. Folks have suddenly lost their jobs throughout the entire globe and the need to make money and find a way to support themselves had people discover new ways. First online and then in person. People started thinking outside the box and found different ways to afford to get to the end of the month.  And when things got back to “normal” some got back to their offices, others decided that an office was a waste of time, and others didn’t have a job to return to. But if they had started a side hustle while laid, chances are they kept it also after and even made it their main hustle now.

I’ve been working since I was 14, first only during the summers as a way to have extra money during the year. Then all year round during college, and always had a side hustle in my hands alongside my 9-to-5. I need to keep my hands full and have worked online since forever. I was a teacher during the day, doing translations, managing Airbnbs, tutoring kids, teaching yoga, doing massages, and selling my handmades on the side. I have a long experience with side hustles that helped me pay for holidays, got rid of debts, and kept my hands and ADHD mind full for years.

Instead of scrolling on social media or watch pointless TV shows, I decided to use the small spare time I  had to work on myself. Waking up early to start writing when the house was still asleep, make use of every down time to work on myself, read books, exercise and do things that would give me energies instead of stealing them away from me. This is how I learned that 24 hours is more than enough to accomplish great things every day.

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reasons to get a side hustle

First things first, what is a side hustle

A side hustle is a job made on the side of a main hustle. Usually, a job done in the evenings or at weekends as a way to get extra money outside the regular 9-to-5. The concept of side hustle is not new, it is a reality for many people. A way to save up some money or get rid of debt. Who hasn’t got extra hours to pay for some extra and sudden expenses? I know I did.

How to choose a side hustle

When you think about starting a side hustle you want to think about something you know you enjoy doing. You can learn more along the way but leveraging a passion means in six months’ time you will still love what you do. To find the perfect side hustle for YOU ask yourself these three questions:

What am I good at?

What do I like doing?

What is something that comes easy to me?

Once you have these three questions aligned you can find a niche where to offer the side hustle of choice. Plus, if the service you provide solves a problem and it’s in high demand, you have even more chances of success. Download here my 90+ Side Hustle Ideas Free Ebook to have a wide range of options to get your mind realizing that it is for everybody

Why having a side hustle is a game-changer

Having a side hustle for me is a no-brainer. Why isn’t anyone having one? We all learned that depending on only one source of income is not feasible anymore, we all learned it can be taken away from you at any moment. A side hustle is indeed a second job and if you are stressed out with your main job, why even consider adding more work to the mix? Here’s the thing: if you pick the right side hustle, it won’t feel like work and could even lead to a much-needed career change. For me, my side hustles helped me realize I’d rather do these jobs than what was my main regular job. They have allowed me to reach financial and location freedom and live my life traveling and with the freedom to leave the computer a side and focus on my family and myself at any given time.

11 Reasons to Get a Side Hustle

  1. To increase your income: A side hustle can help give you additional sources of income and help you reach your financial goals. Whether you have extra expenses waiting for you, or you want to save up for a vacation or a house, a side hustle can provide you with the extra cash to help you reach your dreams faster. you need money to buy everything. All dreams cost money. Having enough to live your dreams is a ticket to happiness and fulfillment 
  2. To gain new skills: With a side hustle, you can learn new skills that can help you in your current career or open up new possibilities for the future. Facing a new experience will teach you things about the job, maybe getting more familiar with some computer programs, and about yourself like communication and flexibility that are transferable to life and can be put in a resume for the future if needed.
  3. To explore new passions: A side hustle can allow you to explore hobbies and interests that may not be related to your current job. Do you enjoy painting, fishing, or hiking? All these passions can be turned into a side hustle that will make you progress in your hobby and fall even more in love with your passion. You don’t know how to use those passions in a job? Here are a few examples: painting, you can sell your painting or teach art classes to kids or adults; fishing, you can become a fishing guide taking tourists to some spot and teaching people about different fishing baits; hiking, you can organize hiking tours around your area or take people somewhere with a good hike being their guide. And in any case, you can share your knowledge in an ebook and sell it online. (hello passive income!)

For more side hustle ideas, download my 90+ Side Hustle Ideas

  1. To become more productive: With a side hustle, you can become more productive with your time and create something different from your day job. We all have 24 hours a day and knowing how to manage your time with your main job, and a side hustle and still living your life will make you manage time properly and become more productive in the time you have available.

Read this article to know more about productivity

  1. To feel more fulfilled: Having a side hustle can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is sometimes hard to find in a normal job. If you work a desk job in a company with thousands of employees, it is difficult to feel needed and appreciated as your work gets lost in the work of many. In your side hustle, appreciation is a currency that pays a long way into keep going and self-esteem. Having clients appreciate YOUR work makes you feel fulfilled and keen to go on.
  2. To let your creativity flow: a side hustle is a creative outlet that is beneficial to mental health and it also works as a distraction for more brain-focused jobs such as accountants and similar. Some jobs can be repetitive and without much space to make something new. We are creative creatures and we need to get it out in our everyday life to have a healthy life. A side hustle can be the counterpart of that. Plus nurturing your creativity helps your brain work better and can make you see life with new eyes. And it’s a refreshing change to the structure of your main job.
  3. For extra spending: I do believe in happiness first and that money doesn’t buy happiness but it doesn’t buy unhappiness either. I might as well enjoy my life with some extra cash in my hands without the stress of money each month. You can enjoy more of what you like and
  4. To have a plan B: if anything turns to the worst, having another job, extra cash, and money saved up will be a good cushion to fall on. Whether you find yourself between jobs, lose your 9-to-5 or want to change career path, a side hustle gives you a second source of income and a safe net so that you find yourself in a position of not having to stress about money
  5. To build your portfolio: if you are thinking about a career change but still want to have some experience first, having a side hustle is the best way to work on your portfolio. You can add your previous experiences, ask for feedback from your clients, and add your skills and best work samples. Testimonials bring references to good work to the table. Add up to your portfolio every client and experience growing it as you work. And when you are ready to go on it full-time, you already have something to show your future prospects. Build your portfolio with this free tool
  6. To experience entrepreneurship: being your own boss has so many beautiful upsides and makes you learn skills that transfer to life. It grows your confidence, your decision-making, understanding of how to get up from a failure, it makes you take initiative and set boundaries. It’s good for your mental health. What you can learn from being your own boss: time management, problem-solving, active listening, effective communication, decision-making, cash-flow management skills, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, how to get over imposter syndrome, dedication, focus, productivity, leadership, negotiating skills, and confidence. And I’m sure I missed a few, but you get the gist
  7. To learn more about yourself: there’s nothing like facing new experiences and risks that teaches you more about yourself. And knowing more about oneself helps in being a better person. There’s nothing better than using your spare time to work on yourself and better yourself as a person.

And if you get tired of your chosen side hustle (hello fellow ADHDers), you can sell your business and make even more money out of it. A side hustle is not a marriage and you can explore a few things you like. Once you have experience with what that job is and if it is something you want to dedicate your spare time to, go for it and leave behind what sucks your energies instead of gifting you some.

Extra tip:

As a solo entrepreneur you need to deal with all parts of your business and understand them all before delegate them to someone else. Make friend to all the legal and taxes stuff and you will set yourself up for success from the very start.