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5 healthy habits that changed my life

To understand why I needed some healthy habits, here’s a little bit of my background. When I was 22, I went to my doctor because my right index finger was in constant pain and had been for about 2 weeks. After some weird weeks of tests and some head shaking from my doctor, he told me I had a chronic disease that was only going to worsen year by year and that I had to start taking medicine right away. As you can imagine, I was scared af. But I had an amazing adventure planned up in Spain 2 months from there so, despite my doctor and parents’ disapproval I left and went hiking in Spain for a full month. No pain, no problems. All was good but as soon as I got back and getting back to the computer, I started having the same pain. I decided to take the drugs. They were supposedly going to help. There was a lot of trial and error, and I started putting on weight, got into a bad habit of drinking and smoking and got into depression and spent a few years in a bad place. When I first tried Yoga at 29, I had been trying to get out of drugs and depression for a few years. At that point internet and all the great information open to everyone were not so available as they are now. I didn’t even know all that sadness and apathy I often had was part of a depression. I didn’t know much of the immune disease that supposedly took me there in the first place.

I had to climb out that place myself. And it took long.

I was renting rooms to tourists in my big house and this Yoga instructor with her daughter came one day and showed me a few poses to start practicing and some pain-relieving poses. That moment pivoted the course of my life forever. 20 years after that first diagnosis I am in such a different place, physically, mentally, and emotionally that it feels like talking somebody else’s life.

What got me out of it, you may ask. Thinking about it now, it seems so easy, but it took a few years to be able to fully embrace myself and get back to the person I knew was in there deep down covered by bruises of life. I hope you can find some inspiration and make the best of your life too.

These are the 5 healthy habits that changed my life:


Of course Yoga was the first type of exercise that helped me finding myself. Then I started hiking in the woods, hills, mountains, skiing, swimming, and run around the neighborhood, on the beach. I’d rather walk everywhere and anywhere. Anything that make my heart pump up is good for me. I tend to get stagnant in life and getting outside and exercise is the best medicine. I don’t go to gyms as I prefer exercising outdoor, but if the gym your jam than go ahead and do what is good for YOU. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Just start little by little, make it a priority and make space for it in your daily life.

I love mornings and I came up with a morning routine that works for me and that I always stick to. Get up, clean tongue and wash face, do some Yoga while being or facing outside, make some warm water with lemon and start working. Until the family get up and then they have a whole new me all day long.

Healthy habits - yoga
Yoga in Nicaragua

Taking back time

The wrong word, chronic, stole my entire 20s. I was still able to enjoy myself and live a good life, but I would often restrain myself from doing something. I couldn’t travel long enough as the meds would occupy too much of my luggage. I was worried that the activity I wanted to do would give more pain. And so much more.

Once I got rid of all that, I decided to live my 20s no matter the age I had, so as of today (when I’m writing this) at 42, everyone is taken aback as I don’t really act like a 42yo woman (whatever that means). Taking time back in my hands and making the best of every minute was and still is a habit I live daily by.

Live your life fully

Getting natural as much as possible

For as much as possible, and if it’s not a serious problem I always try to find a natural option to any chemical medicine at any moment. I drink more water if I have a headache. Ginger shots to boost my immune system. Get some fresh air every day, live closer to nature, prioritize good and natural food.

My experience is mine and mine only, I’m not a doctor and I don’t know what condition you may have. In my case I was better off medicine and I’ve decided since then that my priority was to boost my immune system instead of having a weak one and getting sick all the time. And I still live by that, I eat healthy, I live healthy, I think healthy. I do not own a tv, watch the news when necessary and never in the morning or before going to bed. I don’t drink anymore. I live a simple life with a few belongings, a lot of nature and fresh air and my favorite people.

Halthy habits - food
Healthy food

Reduce the amount of belongings

I lived as digital nomad for a few years now. When you don’t have a house and move around a lot, the priority is living light. Having too many things means you have to carry them yourself. I don’t really buy clothes unless I specifically need something, and if it takes too much space I donate, or sell something else. Until we had babygirl, we were able to fit our lives in a big backpack each. Now that’s less possible, but we still don’t own much. When you own little, your energy is not wasted in deciding what to wear or do. You have more time to live.

Mate on the beach
Travel light

Distract yourself, but never for too long and never from your goals

If you have big dreams, you need to have big driving. The bigger your goals, the eager you need to be to reach them.

Working for your goals is the healthiest way of life. And in the same way, it is important to stop for a moment and remember to enjoy life, get distracted by the beauty around, going out with friends, make space for something else. I often find myself working while babygirl is around and then I think “why am I working now, if what I’m trying to build is a life of freedom so that I can have more time with her?”. Then I close my laptop and go play with her. I’d rather wake up at 5am and do work while she’s sleeping than take away time from her during the day.

I’ve found my balance. I wake up early because I want to reach my goals hard. I close the laptop if she wants to play and wants to have some family time, because it’s the best fuel for the soul so see them happy.

You need to find a balance that works for you. Your distractions can’t take you away from your goals, your goals can’t take you away from living.

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