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5 easy ways to keep your desk organized

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 When you work from home, keeping your desk organized is essential. It is important to get to the end of your work day without going crazy not finding the pen when you need to write down a number or the file when the client asked for a specific info.

Frustrating right? My friend, we’ve all been there but I’ve got you covered. In this article I’m going to share my secrets with you.

Whether you work from home or you are working while traveling the world, staying focused is the number one rule to have things done in the minimum amount of time. Leveraging your full attention you can give the task at hand, the best quality possible.

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Tips to keep your desk organized

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  1. Have your computer right in front of you and the things you use the most sitting on your dominant side

Position the computer and the things that you use the most in a way that it takes the least effort to reach for them. If you keep them in the same position knowing where to reach for them will become automatic. In this way your brain will keep the focus on the task at hand instead of wandering around looking for something. If you are a digital nomad you want to try a standing pencil case to take with you everywhere.

2. Limit the memorabilia

It is not necessary to have on your desk the photo from that vacation 10 years ago unless it’s a reminder to keep on fighting and rolling. Any decorations, photos or plant, no matter how cute they are and how much you really like them, they can create confusion, take up space and may distract you. If you want to spending less hours in front of the computer and enjoying your life outside work more, you need to start avoid distractions.

Clear the space to clear the mind

3. Only keep the most relevant documents and files on the desk

Before starting the day, take out what’s needed to have the job done for that specific day. And only that. It will be faster to reach for exactly what you are looking for instead of checking in the shelf, bag or God knows where.

4. Color-code files and documents

This is such a helpful tip and it makes it easier to reach for the correct file every time. Plus you get to choose the colors and combinations. We said no memorabilia, but at least we can have some color.

5. Clean up and clear the space before you leave so you’ll get back to a neat desk in the morning

Who doesn’t like coming up to their desk and find it clean and ready to roll for another day rocking our job? Get your folders back to where they belong, remove everything you won’t need the following day, and once every now and then, clean your desk and your computer.

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Clean and well organized desk at home

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