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7 Side Hustles For Artists: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

If you are an artist of any form but work a regular non-artistic job, this article is exactly what you need. Check out what are the best side hustles for artists to make extra cash each month doing what they love.

In this article, we will explore 7 amazing side hustles for artists who want to make some extra cash. From selling their artwork online to teaching classes, there are a number of ways that artists can make money from their creativity. So if you’re an artist who is looking to make some extra money each month, read on!

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Why artists should have a side hustle

We, artists, often have to get creative when it comes to finding ways to make money. Some of us usually rely on a side hustle to get the creativity flow or do art as main hustle but need to find a way not to be “working all the time”. For artists, expressing creativity and having hands molding emotions is essential to being able to exist.

 While having a regular 9-5 job may not be ideal for artists, it can provide the stability that many artists need in order to continue pursuing their passion. Order and routine may sound like the opposite of what an artist is, nevertheless, they are indeed what an artist need. A regular job can give structure to release the creativity while outside of work exploding in a side hustle that brings in the magic that is in the head, heart and hands of an artist.

And it can be a great way to start putting your foot into the direction of using your talent and art to fully support yourself if you wish so.

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Art comes in many forms and shapes

Art isn’t only painting or drawing. Art comes in many forms and shapes. Art is when brain, heart and hands come together in harmony to play the perfect music. You can design digitally, do calligraphy, make macramĂ© wall decors, create music, decorate candles, paint figurines. Or just dream about doing art. Whatever it is you do, art doesn’t discriminate, you can call yourself an artist even if you haven’t made anything yet.

Artists need the creativity flow to have a healthy life. Sometimes even doing art or an artistic job full-time can stop your inspiration from flowing. A side hustle can make you look forward to create more. And when you don’t have any inspiration, you focus on other sides that needs to be taken care of.

Best 7 side hustles for artists

1. Sell your artwork online

One of the easiest ways for artists to make money is by selling their artwork online through platforms such as Etsy, Redbubble, or Society6. These platforms allow artists to create their own online store and sell their original artwork or prints to a worldwide audience.

In fact, if you make art in a more specific niche, chances are, you already what websites to use to sell.

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side hustles for artists

2. Teach art classes or workshops

Another way for artists to make money is by teaching art classes or workshops. You can offer your classes at community centers, adult education centers, schools or even online. Sharing knowledge and skills with others can be a rewarding experience for both the artist and the students.

Also, create an online course on Teachable to share your passion and to set a passive income stream for yourself.

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3. Commission artwork

Artists can also make money by taking on commissioned projects. This can include creating custom artwork for clients, designing logos, or even creating murals for businesses or individuals. Commissioned work can provide a steady stream of income and allow artists to expand their portfolio.

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4. Participate in art fairs and markets

Fairs and markets are always a great opportunities for artists to showcase and sell their work, especially art fairs. These events can range from neighborhood markets to larger art festivals and provide exposure to a variety of potential buyers.

Check locally what markets are open for new vendors, create your stock and have fun selling in person to your public.

local fair

5. Create merchandise featuring your artwork

Many successful artists create merchandise featuring their artwork, such as t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases. Items can be sold online or in person at art fairs and markets, providing an additional income stream for artists.

Again, an Etsy shop connect to a Printify account, Redbubble and Society6 are the best online platforms to start.

6. Offer design services

Artists can also offer their design skills in various industries, such as graphic design, web design, or fashion design. These services can be offered on a freelance basis, providing a flexible schedule and the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

You can offer your freelance design services on Fiverr to start or reach directly to small businesses to pitch your designs and a possible partnership with you.

7. Create art for licensing

Artists can also make money by creating artwork that can be licensed for use on various products. This can include everything from greeting cards to home decor and photos, providing a passive income stream for artists as their artwork is used and sold by various companies.

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Conclusion to Side Hustles for Artists

There are many side hustles for artists to explore in order to make some extra money. From selling their artwork online to teaching classes or offering design services, artists can use their creativity to generate income in a variety of ways. By finding a side hustle that aligns with their skills and passions, artists can continue pursuing their creative endeavors while also earning a living.