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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners made easy

We all dream of a life where we can do whatever we want, never have to work, and just have money rolling in without much effort, right? Affiliate Marketing will help. “What is Affiliate Marketing?” I hear you say. Here’s a little guide of Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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Disclaimer note: This blog post contains affiliate links. It means that if you click on them and make purchase, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a commission.

Thing is, even if you don’t have a sugar daddy or mama, or come from a rich family and have trust fund on your name, you can still make that kind of life. You do need some upfront effort and work, though. And since you are here, you are probably looking for answers about one of the best and most accessible ways to make money online: Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing
Online Marketing

Let’s say I come visit your town and ask you what’s your favorite restaurant. I follow your suggestion, I go eat at your favorite restaurant and when I pay my bill, you automatically receive a commission. Easy as explained: you receive money on what I paid only for suggesting that specific restaurant to me. This is what Affiliate Marketing is: you are getting paid for a suggestion that you made to me on which I decided to purchase something.

How does it work?

When you sign up to an affiliate program, the brand you want to promote will give you a personal link. This link, also called Hoplink or affiliate link, is unique to you. You can embed it into your social media posts or blog posts and when someone clicks on it, the cookie will leave a piece of code on that website with your name on. If the person that clicked on your link chooses to buy, the system recognizes your cookie, and that the sale is coming from you. And then you will be paid.

cookies explained in affiliate marketing for beginners
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Think of a cookie like a label with your name on. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, this label with your name on is what links the prospective buyer and the company to you. When the prospective buyer, makes a purchase and becomes a real buyer, the company sees the label with your name on from the sale and knows that sale came from you. Basically, a cookie tracks back the sale to you and so the company recognizes that sale as yours and pays you the commission.

When you apply as an affiliate, every program will show the duration of their cookie. It can be anything between 1 day to 90 days (this is the maximum I’ve seen but there might be longer). The duration of the cookie is the time frame in which if the prospect decides to buy, you get the commission. Let’s say the cookie has a duration of 10 days. If the prospect buys on the 9th day after clicking on your link the first time, you get a commission. If they buy on the 11th day, then you do not receive a commission.

How to choose what to promote?

I’m often asked, “How do I choose what to promote?” and to that I answer “What is something that you really like, use every day, know well and can’t live without?”. Answering these questions is a good starting point. For example, in my case, I love my daughter’s stroller and that was my first ever affiliate program I applied for. Together with some other things I use every day like Aweber autoresponder and ViaBuy credit card. You can promote everything and anything. Based on the latest statistics, 88% of companies offer an affiliate program of some sort. I can’t tell you where to start if I don’t know you and your life. You are the only one that can. And if you read this far you already have an idea rolling in your head.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the best business model? All your questions answered

Definitely more pros than cons in starting with Affiliate marketing, and the cons are not for everybody. I’m giving you a hint: you do need to be Active in order to make Passive income. Let’s get more into details.

Affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service that is not made by you, so you don’t have to deal with making any product. There is no customer service. No inventory. No shipping. You are just acting as a third party.

With Affiliate marketing the limit is the sky. It has a massive income potential because you can literally promote 1000s of products and earn from each of them.

It does require some effort because yes, you have a link which is a powerful tool, but you need to have people click on it. You need to create traffic and have people see the product you promote. And in most platforms, you just can’t embed the affiliate link, you need to create a website or a just 2-page funnel to be able to promote products in some places.

The idea of passive income is not very realistic, especially at first

You need to create a system, set up the funnel, an autoresponder, get traffic and always create new content to get people to see your offer. It takes some time to set everything up, so at the beginning especially, it requires effort, dedication and wok. Once you get the hang of it, the autopilot system is set, the work becomes easier and it takes just a little time of your day to run your business. That’s why it’s a great business model and it can be easily made also as a side hustle. You can start while still working your 9-5 job and see how it goes. It might scale to multiple figures that help you leave your job if that if what you wish for and give you a life of dreams. At least, this is what happened to me and to many others.

You do need some education

I have tried, as you did too since you are here trying to find information, to do everything by myself. I spent on YouTube endless amount of time skyrocketing the views of some affiliate marketing videos. I tried to it all by myself and the answers I got produced even more questions, after a couple of months, I gave in and bought a course. An education that was by far the best decision for my career and mental health. It was a cheap course teaching the basics and I knew there was an upsell which turned out to be pricey, but very worthy. The answers were all there.

The steps to start Affiliate Marketing for beginners:

Choosing a niche – what you want to promote, something you preferably already know a lot about

Apply to an affiliate program – you can easily google your niche followed by affiliate program on Google and find the one that better suits you

Set up your system, funnel or website, autoresponder emails, payment tools – this the longest and most tedious one…or so I thought before understanding it

Create content – photos or videos to post on social media or in ads using tools like Canva for example

Post your content – On whichever platform you prefer

Post your content even more – the more the better

Repurpose your content on more platforms – were you only on one platform? Take your post to your blog, your Facebook, your TikTok or wherever you want, but have eyes on it. People will look for you if you have what they want

If you want more info

This is the education I signed up for.

Before paying for the education that got me here, I went through a lot of free content. I’m an auditive learner, I don’t learn by reading. I need to listen and see what I am studying, so I devoured hours of YouTube. These are by far the best YouTube channels I learned a lot from:

Santrel Media

Adam Enfroy

Ross Minchev

During all these months I have learned quite a bit, so if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.