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Discover the most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome back to one of my favorite topics: how to make money online. In this post, we are going through a few steps to help you start your affiliate marketing journey.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing and the difference about affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing make sure to check those two blog posts.

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Now that you are familiar with the basics let’s get straight into how to start affiliate marketing. Today I’m only covering organic traffic, meaning I’m not talking about any ads or paid traffic, we are going to discuss that in another post.

For today, here are a few questions we are going to address:

Affiliate marketing
Questions questions questions
  • How do I find a niche?
  • What niches are the most profitable?
  • Where do I find affiliate offers?
  • I have my affiliate link, now what?
  • How do I drive traffic to my affiliate offer?
  • How do I set up a funnel?
  • Do I need a website?

I’m also going to add a bonus, so stay with me ’till the end. You will love the extra info.

How do I find a niche?

Let’s define first what a niche is. A niche is a focused area, a segment of the market with a specific audience. An example of niches can be Traveling, Sports, Photography, and so on. If you pick a niche based on your interests, then a niche is the place where you want to hang with similar-minded people. If you pick a niche based on where the money is, you can get rich but get bored easily if it doesn’t align with your interests. When you find a niche that aligns your interests with high demand, you can make good money and never run out of ideas because you know what you are talking about. When you are ready to define your niche ask yourself these three questions:

What is something I could never stop talking about?

What is something that comes easy to me?

What is something that I can do and other people can’t?

If your answer is the same in all three then, my friend you’ve got your niche.

Let’s get back to the 3 examples of niches I gave you before. You like traveling and you have been everywhere in South America, know the place well and can get help to more travelers who want to visit there, you can find an offer of travel insurance that covers all issues in South America and promote that. You have been ice-skating since kindergarten, you can promote skating gear. You are a photographer and have a portfolio online, you can easily add a page on your website promoting different cameras, lenses, etc.

A niche is a space where you want to establish yourself, bring in your knowledge and share the space with other people who need or want what you have.

Use Canva to create your Portfolio

What niches are the most profitable?

The most profitable niches are Health, Wealth, and Relationship. As I’ve heard once, everyone wants to be healthy, rich, and in a good relationship. Without forgetting all the sub-niches. A sub-niche is an even more segmented part of the market with a specific focus.

In the Health niche, some sub-niches are mental health, hobbies, sports, fitness, meditation, skincare, hair loss, hormone balancing, healthcare, health insurance, sleep difficulties, baby care, diabetes or any condition, and weight loss.

In the Wealth niche, my blog fits perfectly as I talk about making money online. But it also includes budgeting, side hustles, freelancing, affiliate marketing, workplace motivation, credit cards, eCommerce and platforms.

The Relationship niche can involve dating, romantic getaways, wedding dresses, marriage life, divorce, and even life after divorce, moving in, parenting, relationship boundaries, vows renewal, you name it

Have a clearer idea in your mind? Good. Let’s go on.

Here’s a link to the course I took that taught me all I needed to know to start the journey

I’m here to answers al questions in case you have any at the end of this post, so feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you

Affiliate marketing

Where do I find affiliate offers?

Now that you have a niche defined, here’s what you do. Open a google page and type your niche followed by “affiliate program”. The result of your search will most likely be a list of possible programs you can apply for in your niche. Make your research to see the percentage of commission you will receive per sale or lead, cookie duration (more here), and affiliate resources. Check on social media who and how is promoting that program (start by searching specific hashtags of that brand) and decide whether or not is a good fit for you.

If you have not defined your niche yet, do not worry, help is on the way. There are many platforms where you can browse around, check the offers, find one with a good gravity score and apply as an affiliate. Read here for more info on that. Here are a few:



Commission Junction – CJ



Once you are approved on the affiliate program you will receive a referral link, also called hoplink, and that, darling, is your treasure.

You are now the sole owner of a magic link, what now? Now you have to place it strategically so that people get to see your offer. This link is essential to your affiliate journey, so I suggest you create a file and keep all your affiliate links in a that is easy for you to find o your pc. This hoplink is what tells the brand that the sale they just made comes indeed from you. The affiliate link is essential to be paid your commission and you need to put it in the right places for people to click on it. You need to drive traffic to your link.

How do I drive traffic to my affiliate offer?

To have people click on your link you need to grab people’s attention by creating content around your offer. You can do it through social media, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Or more sophisticated ways like YouTube, Pinterest, and your own blog. You can find endless strategies all over the internet but what works for one does not work for another person. But I did find in this course the paved way to get there.

Please notice that some of the social media platforms do not allow a raw affiliate link. If you just put a photo and embed your affiliate link in it, you may be banned from the platform which is something you do not want. Make sure to read all regulations on each social media to know what is allowed and what is not.

Where should your offer send people if not to the final offer? To your funnel. This brings us to the next question

I use the funnel from this website and love it

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How do I set up a funnel?

A funnel is what the word says, a tool to take your customer from looking at the offer all the journey to the final offer. A funnel is usually a 2-page website, an opt-in page, and a thank you page. The opt-in page is where the customer leaves their email and has access to the thank you page. Why should they leave you their email address? You give them a reason to, through a free video, free e-book, some sort of bait that would still bring value to them.

The two reasons why you need a funnel:

Some platforms do not allow you to add your affiliate link directly to a post

You want to have an opt-in page to collect your audience’s emails to create your email list.

The first is important because you do not want to be banned by your social media and lose your audience, but the second is essential because your mailing list is the only thing that is truly yours. Imagine your social media and third parties platforms like a house you rent and your mailing list like the furniture you buy. It is yours and when you move it comes with you and no one can take it away from you. Your email list is the way to build your social media and audience back.

Confused enough? Here’s a blog post entirely dedicated to sales funnel.

Do I need a website?

Not necessarily, your funnel works as a website, an easy 2-pages website that is easy to maintain and works well at any stage without you needing a whole blog or website to show your offer to people. Most affiliate are happy with just a funnel and keep affiliate marketing as a side hustle just to make extra cash at the end of the month. But if you want to dive head in in the affiliate marketing business, investing in a website might be wise. You have more room of opportunities to share your affiliate link(s), because you have a platform where you can share all the content you want, and it is yours.

And I’m going to add a little bonus for you because I love this topic. Affiliate marketing changed my life and I want to help you too

Best practices to nail your affiliate marketing journey

One of the ways to find a product to promote and know what sells and how to promote that is to study your competitors. Check other marketers and how they promote the product or service, what is popular, and which ads do well, and take inspiration for your posts. Be aware that I said, “take inspiration”. That does not mean, by any means, copying or stealing somebody else’s designs, sentences, or else.

Another good practice is to use testimonials in your offer. Check if the brand you are promoting has good resources that can help you increase your sales; if there are, use them to show the product even better.

Good practice number three is to follow the regulations of social media platforms and the guidelines to use affiliate links. For example, Facebook does not allow you to embed your hoplink into your posts. Tiktok only gives you the possibility to add a link after you reach an audience of at least 1000 followers, but not an affiliate link, you can be banned. On Pinterest, you can add your affiliate link, but sharing a post with the same link more than 3 times a week and so on is not recommended. These practices are often not mentioned on social media platforms, but it is common sense not to spam your affiliate link everywhere. You can be easily banned and have to build everything over once and once again.

Check this video for Affiliate Marketing offers Red Flags

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