best side hustles for nurses
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Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Whether for venting, exploring one’s creativity, or making extra cash, nurses have tons of options in terms of side hustle ideas. In this article, you will find 30 of the best side hustles for nurses.

Nurses work the longest and most often have the least recognition of good work. Being a nurse is tough: the long hours, the full hospitals, the flexibility, and skills of always being when needed, and if you add the low salary, yes, being a nurse is tough. It can be so tough that even people that work the longest hours need a side hustle to be able to get to the end of the month.

best side hustles for nurses

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Getting extra shifts is the easiest way to extra money, but not for brain stimulation and creative flow. So I put together tons of ideas for you without taking up your precious and well-earned day off. You can still make some extra cash and work full-time as a nurse. It’s about balancing and these side hustles can help you with both.

Best Side Hustle for Nurses

1. Medical surveys

Online surveys, online focus groups, and medical studies can be a good source of income for specialized professionals like nurses. For example, is a website offering professional answers. All kinds of professionals are accepted and you can work as much or as less as you want, answering questions in your field of expertise. So, you don’t have to learn any new skills, just use the ones you already have

2. Medical transcriptions

Doing transcriptions is a very profitable and flexible side hustle that can bring in tons of money especially if you show your medical credentials and put your hands into more profitable projects. Transcriptionists listen to recordings and type down what they hear. You already know the medical lingo, which can make you more successful and wanted by companies. Start here

3. Sell Digital products

E-books or nursing study book bundles are in high demand. You can write and monetize your knowledge easily. Etsy is a great platform for it or you can even start your own website selling notes for students and E-book about your specific expertise

4. Sell crafts

Physical product accessories for nurses like badge reels and funny t-shirts are trending right now. Use your creativity to create crafts that may help and serve the nurses. Something useful like a badge reel made with nice stickers that you have designed in Canva or design t-shirts with funny sentences for nurses. As a nurse, you are the one that knows the field better and the inside jokes that are perfect for this. You can sell your products locally, or connect your Etsy shop to this platform to have them print the t-shirt and send them directly to your buyer so you don’t have any inventory to manage in your house

Learn here how to sell on Etsy and thrive

5. Health writer and blogger

You can blog about your nursing career, and anecdotes, you can start a blog about breastfeeding, health for the elderly, health and lifestyle, or whatever appeals to you the most. You can start creating your blog here

6. Become an Instructor

First aid, CPR, How-Tos. If you like teaching, you can create recurrent classes to bring to your local community or teach how to do CPR or heal an open wound to moms, newborn care, and everything so natural to you but not to others. You can partner up with community centers, and gyms, and see if the Red Cross needs instructors too.

7. Create online courses

All the courses above mentioned can be easily transformed into online courses and you can easily monetize your knowledge with some sweet passive income. You can record yourself while teaching people in person if you are camera shy. Check how easy it is

8. Create a YouTube channel

If you are not camera-shy, you can start a YouTube channel providing health solutions to your audience. How to make a bandage, how to heal an open wound, what to do if you get something in your eye… I mean, there’s so much to talk about that you will never run out of content ideas

9. Part-time caregiver

There are a lot of people needing help at home. You can take up night shifts or shifts that can fit your busy schedule. Put the word out to your patients before discharging them if they need extra help at home, tell your colleagues about your new business and you will soon be booked up

10. Lactation consultant

This side hustle provides a so much needed support for new moms. Breastfeeding is natural but sometimes nature makes it hard for moms and they need the help of a professional to help them make things easier

11. Maternal care provider

New moms most likely don’t exactly know what to do and how to do many things and they need help with their newborns. After birth mamas need to be taken care of too. You can provide maternal care by visiting new families, and providing extra support. Even just a couple of hours can change everything for a new mom. This service is very needed and it is looked upon unfortunately too often. You can put flyers in the maternity department of your hospital, offer your services locally, spread the voice through online platforms, and have your clients often do the work for you when their friends have babies too

12. Birth doula

Depending on what your specialty is, being a birth doula can be a side hustle that can go along with your main day job or not. Being on call for a birth that can happen at any moment may not fit your schedule but if you make your own schedule and love a birth, this side hustle is for you.

13. Prenatal class teacher

You can teach prenatal classes in the evenings and on weekends. There will always be pregnant mamas needing support for such an important step and you can set up classes partnering up with gyms, yoga studios, or community centers

14. Medical podcast

If you are a funny person with an extroverted friend and want to partner up to bring some medical podcast into the world why not doing it now that podcasts are so hot and such an easy way to make money?

15. Travel nurse

Travel nurses’ salary is usually three times the regular nursing staff’s salary. This is due to the flexibility of packing up and going where needed when needed. If you like traveling and exploring this can definitely be for you

16. Telehealth nurse

2020 changed everything. Being stuck at home made us reinvent everything, even medicine. And it is still common to refer to a doctor online when abroad, stuck at home, far from the hospital, while contagious, or just shy. Telehealth nurses can evaluate patients remotely and help them get the treatment they need

17. Healthy meal plan/prep

Cooking is your secret skill? Why not meal prepping for weight loss or busy families? You can even write meal plans and sell them on Etsy.

Learn all the secrets about Meal Prep in this article

18. Health coach

Getting healthy is not easy if you don’t know how to do it. And as a health professional, you can provide this service with health routines, exercise, meal plans and healthy recipes, meditation, and some other stress-relieving routines

19. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite. Affiliate Marketing is the new hot topic and it is easy to understand why. It can bring in tons of money with just a little effort. Let me give you an example of how to apply it to your profession. You work with patients that need home care, you can suggest to them one specific company that provides them with all the gear they need. You then give your patients a code to purchase with a special discount the company provides to you. Or you can buy for them using a special link the company has given you to promote their products. Read here to know more about affiliate marketing and here for the best Affiliate Marketing course

20. Dog walking

Nothing better than a walk to breathe some fresh air after a busy shift. And taking dogs around with you to make extra money. There are plenty of platforms you can join online that will connect you with dog owners or follow the promotion tips I share at the end of this article

Love cooking AND dogs? Check this article and go straight to course

21. Door to door nurse

You can offer services like bathing and washing patients, and do PT at home. There are many agencies you can join or freelance and offer this service.

22. Phlebotomist

Get an extra shift in your hospital extracting blood or apply to the blood donation centers to get extra weekly shifts, in this way you can have a stable schedule and know how much money gets in every month

23. Clinical trial nurse

There are clinical trials in every country and all year round and they need nurses to administer drugs, take blood, and read results.

24. Rent out your spare bedroom

If you like some income with no extra work involved, you can rent your spare bedroom long-term or if you live in a tourist place you can even consider renting it to travelers. This platform can help you start

25. Bake and sell dog treats

An easy side hustle that you can do in the comfort of your kitchen and with the potential of great money coming in. Read more in this article and learn how to here

26. Camp or event nurse

Summer camps always need medical staff. They sometimes even accept students. Reach out to your local or not-so-local camps to check the dates they need help. They may have vacancies for dates that would perfectly fit your schedule.

27. Nurse tutoring

You know better than anyone how difficult nursing exams can be. Consider tutoring nurse students online and/or in person.

28. Cosmetic injector

If you are familiar with cosmetic fillers you can easily start your practice at home or visit clients at home offering your cosmetic injections service

Best Side Hustles for Nurses


Remember that sometimes some of these side hustles need an extra certification. Being a registered nurse is definitely enough for some of them but not all. Make sure you comply with the local regulations

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How to promote your side hustle

If you plan to get an extra job locally, consider using business cards, flyers, Facebook marketplace, and word of mouth. You can easily design your business card and promotional material here or you can have them made professionally.

Use the power of social media. Create a special Facebook account and have your previous clients write reviews.

Create a website with your services listed that can work as a portfolio for you.

There is no limit on the way you can promote yourself. Make sure to put the word out as much as possible.

And remember that the most difficult client is the first while the easiest is the second. This means the power of referrals is still the best as of today. You never know if you never try.

If you are not tech-savvy, let me design a website for you, and if you need extra help in finding your side hustle, how to get started, and how to promote it, let me know. I offer 1-to-1 business consultation sessions. Email at [email protected]