Affiliate marketing vs affiliate marketing on a weight scale
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Hot now – Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t been living under a rock you have seen people on TikTok talking about Affiliate Marketing. What it is, how it works, the massive income potential it has. Let’s take one step further and talk here Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, its biggest brother.

Affiliate marketing is on everyone’s mouth. It’s the hot topic of the moment. You can read more about affiliate marketing for beginners here. Everybody is trying affiliate marketing and exploring how to make money using the audience they have on social media. Affiliate marketing though, is not such a brand-new concept. It has been around since forever, just with different names and way of doing it. Companies have often been rewarding people to bring new customers. However, affiliate marketing started around the mid-90s called also as online referral, so almost 30 years.

As technology evolved, the way of running businesses on and offline has also changed, together with the way of doing referral marketing. Nowadays you can get your link, embed it in a Pinterest post and drive traffic to it and see sales. But there’s much more than that.

Affiliate marketing can bring in any amount of money, from just a few dollars to thousands, hundreds of thousands. Depending what your offer is and what is the commission percentage. In order to get to the big money you need to get to open your mind way more than Amazon affiliates program. So here’s a little math exercise

Let’s say your goal is to make 1000$ a month

If you sell a product that makes you 1$ in commissions, you have to sell 1000 of them.

If you sell a product that makes 20$ in commissions, you have to sell 50 of them.

If you sell a product that makes 1000$ in commissions, you only have to sell 1.

Did you get it?

Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

We have done the math. With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you are promoting products or services that make you thousands in commissions because of their higher value. It can be selling courses, luxury products or travels, insurance.

Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, which one is easier?

It depends. What would be easier for you, to sell 1000 for 1$ or sell 1 for 1000$? We all have different skills, personalities and ways of selling. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing has way more financial potentia. But if it not your jam (yet), Affiliate Marketing can still bring in a good amount of cash.

Affiliate Marketing vs High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Where to find High Ticket offers?

There are many brands that offer high commissions. Think expensive and go there. It certainly have to match your niche somehow. If you don’t have a niche and don’t know where to start, always start with what you know and like. Are you passionate about golf? How about start blogging and creating content in that arena applying to golf club, golf resort that offer vacations, golf courses, high-end golf gear and clothing rather than any jacket from a regular store. If you know everything about fishing, you can apply to fishing tours, boat insurance rather than fishing gear, (don’t come after me about this, I have no idea what the prices are for fishing gear). You like fashion, you probably already know all the luxury brands for clothing, shoes, bags, watches. If you know your niche, you already know the high-end products of that niche and odds are, those companies offer affiliate programs with good commissions.

How to start with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

If you are brand-new to the Affiliate Marketing world, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with the world before diving head first in High Ticket. Some companies may not accept you as affiliate if you don’t have a website or audience already.

Start with what you know better because your knowledge will make all the difference if you want to sell more pricey items. It is easier to sell a 10$ product, than to sell a 7000$ for sure. What makes the difference is always the middleman, or woman, in this case you as marketer, and your marketing skills together with the value that your knowledge adds to the offer.

Why High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

You need less sales to make more money. Isn’t this enough reason?

In High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you promote affiliate affiliate offers that pay a high commission, hundred or even thousands of dollars per sale. Products or services with a high value. I don’t mean just expensive to the customer but products or services for which the seller is willing to pay you good money for leads or purchases.

Two questions I get asked all the time

Why is Affiliate Marketing great at any level?

People have started to think of affiliate marketing as the way to make money in your sleep. It is quite passive once you have your system up and running, I’m not gonna lie. But it does require a lot: time, effort, work, technical knowledge, knowing your audience, niche, products, create content, emailing, DM requests to answers and much more depending on the scale of your affiliate marketing business.

Why is affiliate marketing so appealing?

This answer is quite easy to answer. Affiliate Marketing has many positive sides and no limit in income potential. There’s no inventory needed, no shipping, no customer service needed, no coming up with new product ideas all the time. It is just selling a product that is not yours and you did not have to make, without dealing directly with the client.

If you want to start you High Ticket Affiliate Marketing this course is a good place to start your education. Then check out brands you already know in your niche and apply to their programs. Start getting to know what you are offering and the best way to promote it, do some research on what people look for when looking for a product or service like the one you want to promote and start creating content based on the results of that research.