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How to Promote Your New Business

You have finally taken the leap and started your own business. I’m very happy for you. Whether for the need of extra money, as a creative outlet or to explore a career change, starting a new business brings in so much excitement. In terms of health, it keeps your brain active and body active. In terms of life skills it will teach you more about yourself than any other thing will. And in terms of finding clients you need to learn how to promote your business very soon in the game.

And this article will do just that if you stick ’til the end.

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How to promote your business

The Importance of Promoting Your Business

Now that you have decided to start, your main struggle may be how to get clients or employers to see you. The first thing to know about getting clients is to forget about your shyness. You have all the talent possible to be successful in what you want to do and telling the world about it will give you the confidence to start on the right foot.

When it’s about promoting a new business it’s easy thing to know that you want as many eyes as possible to see your offer or products and have people know what you offer. Having this visibility is crucial to be seen by future clients. If no one knows what you sell, no one will buy it. So the basic idea is to spread the voice as much as you can.

Even if you are a person that loves to work and make, if you don’t promote yourself, what you make will not go out in the world. Let me give you an example: I’ve been a seamstress making accessories and clothes for a long time. I love being behind a sewing machine, but I’ve realized that my closet can only hold this many clothes before exploding. I had to find a way to promote my business, and I had to find a way to promote myself.

Here’s what I have learned:

How to start promoting your services and products

You have many options to explore when it’s time to promote yourself and your services. You can focus and choose one or try them all and narrow them down when you start having a good flow of clients or customers. There is a ladder of steps that you can follow when you are ready to go step by step. You can switch them up if it feels better for you, but going through them all will enhance your chances of success.

1. Get Promotional ready

Make business cards and always have them with you. You never know when you will meet someone who needs your services. You can easily design your cards here or have them do it for you. Make sure to add all the ways they can reach you, your Facebook page and website to show off your portfolio and products

2. Start Exploring Social Media

Open a Facebook page promoting what you do. Post in your main account about your new side hustle in case anyone needs extra help and ask to be recommended to anyone of their knowledge that may benefit from your help. Make sure to take photos of all your products and services. Create space to post your blog articles and showcase what you do. Create a portfolio album and a review page asking all your previous clients to leave an honest review

3. Find Your People

Make sure you attend local events and conferences to connect with potential customers and partners. Building relationships can be a great way to grow your business. Join Facebook groups related to your niche and start interacting, answering questions, and getting known without being salesy or pushy. Business-related Facebook groups are a great network to find like-minded people that can help you solve an issue in case you need. In the same way, you can answer a question offering the value of your expertise. In this way, people will know you are an expert in the field. Some may even become a client. Always provide value and avoid pitching to clients.

4. Continue your Social Media Strategy

Content marketing is a great way to build trust with customers and get your message across. Invest in quality content that is valuable and shareable. Open more accounts on more social media platforms and start reposting the same content on each of them. Do it consistently in order to be noticed by the algorithm. You post on Facebook already, so why not repurpose the same post on Instagram? You post on TikTok, why not repurposing on Pinterest? And the list goes on.

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5. Build a Portfolio

Make sure you attend local events and conferences to connect with potential customers and partners. Building relationships can be a great way to grow your business. Make a website listing your services/products and rates. Create a portfolio that your future clients can browse and see if you are a good fit for what they are looking for. Show your products, services, and previous work and what you have achieved. Add reviews and photos. Make it easy to browse and always add the contact information.

Create a portfolio website with Canva

6. Present yourself as expert

Once you are all set up, add a blog to your website to start be known as an expert in the field. Start blogging about one main niche and add a couple of sub-niches that can make widen the range of content you can provide. A blog is also easy to monetize so while you are making money with your side hustle, you can make money with your blog too. You can monetize it through ads displayed in your blog pages, with affiliate marketing and with partnerships.

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7. Build Your Email List

Do not forget this step. You may not end up using it at first, but you will eventually, and you’ll be glad you started collecting emails from the very beginning. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Send out newsletters and special offers to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

8. Have Them Coming Back for More

Offering discounts and deals can be a great way to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to keep coming back. Offer a promo code for a second purchase, a discount if they bring in a friend and even host a giveaway to celebrate big milestones you reach. This is a good way to engage with your audience and grow your reach.

How to promote your business Recap

  1. Create digital and physical marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and posters to reach out your potential customers
  2. Start leverage Facebook or whatever is your first social media of choice where you have some established following. Yes, your Aunt counts too
  3. Join the community of like-minded people on and off line
  4. Explore more social media platforms. Utilize social media platforms TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to spread the word and interact with potential customers repurposing your content.
  5. Start a portfolio to showcase your services and highlight your successes.
  6. Blog about it
  7. Create an email list and send out newsletter to inform subscribers of your services and any special offers.
  8. Offer promo codes, run sales and host giveaways.

Social Media Presence Extra Tips

Take advantage of the reach and influence of popular social media platforms to promote your business. Create content that stands out, engages your target audience, and drives them to your products or services.

Your social media presence is essential to be known in all corners of the world. Everyone has now access to any type of social media. Being present in all of them or at least the ones you feel more comfortable with is essential to the health of your business. Once you find a name for your business, open an account with that name on each platform even if you are not planning to use it now. This is because if you want to start using that platform in the future, at least you have your name secured and aligned in each platform.

Final Thoughts and some Motivation

And remember, you don’t need to be ready and have everything perfectly set in order to start. Perfect is the enemy of DONE. Start and then fix the errors later, if any.

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