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How to Sell on TikTok with less than 1K followers

Learn to promote your products and yourself on TikTok with less than 1k followers.

sell on tiktok with less than 1k followers

Is this you?: You are new to TikTok and haven’t reached enough followers to put a link in bio? You are ready to make it into the market through the power of TikTok but still working your way to 1k followers? You want to keep your creator account on TT instead of a business one to have access to all sorts of music and trends but haven’t reached a huge following yet? Don’t worry my friend, you are in the right place

This article is all about TikTok for accounts with less than 1k followers. In the next minutes you will learn different techniques that will have people over your website in a second even without a link in your bio, to sell without a link to click on.

Let’s clarify first that if you start a business account you WILL have the possibility to put a link in your bio even with 0 followers. Although, these types of accounts don’t have access to many trendy songs and they are more difficult to grow. This article is for the creator accounts which is what I suggest you have at first, to get access to more trends and grow faster. And then switch your account to business once you have reached the goal if you prefer.

What is TikTok?

It’s already gone the time when we all thought TikTok was only a bunch of kids doing crazy dances and trends. TikTok in the 2020 lockdowns got so popular that was still the most downloaded app in 2022, 2 years after its big boom. As a social media, it started back in 2016 and it moved from 132 million downloads in 2017 to 850 million in 2020 to a current amount of over 1 billion. Considering the world has 6 billion people, it means one of every 6 people has TikTok installed on their phone. Whether they use it just as a past-time, upload family videos or use it to promote their products, TikTok is now part of our lives.

And it is not going away.

sell on tiktok with  less than 1k

Social Media and business

With those numbers on its side, TikTok has the power to make or break your market in a moment. And by the end of this article, you will be confident enough to start posting and get your piece of the pie.

All social media platforms, at some stage, allow you to promote your products and services and give you the possibility to add a link to your bio.

While Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube give you the possibility to do it even without an audience, the creator account of TikTok does not. Nonetheless, it does give you this chance if you open a business account on TT. The difference in opening one or the other is usually the possibility to grow faster using trending sounds and effects in the creator account while the business one is more limited.

TikTok with less than 1k

What are the benefits of posting on TikTok?

The amount of audience is just unbelievable, and the growth speed is way higher than Instagram. Think about the number we shared before. Posting on TT you have potentially access to 1/6 of the world population. Mind-blowing. You can easily reach the 1000-followers threshold on TT to be able to have extra features available to you, then to have 1000 on Instagram without any new features. The nice features of Instagram start at the threshold of 10000 followers, which is way more difficult to reach.

Getting viral in TikTok if you post consistently is not so difficult, but it does require a mix of effort, strategy, and luck. The TikTok algorithm together with Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube algos are a secret to the mass but it doesn’t take a genius to understand these platforms want you to create more content to keep people on THEIR platform. For this reason, marketing on social media can be a little tricky.

TikTok with less than 1k

First thing first: get your name right

It does help if your TikTok handle, and your website have the same name. This is the case for every social media platform. If you are on Facebook already or on Instagram, make it to the top of your to-do list to have the same name for all of them. And if you are not yet on one, make sure to already save that name for yourself now. For example: let’s say you are not on Pinterest yet, but you may want to explore it in the future. You get to Pinterest and realize your handle is already taken and you have to create another name that doesn’t go with the rest of your social media. Bummer, right?

That’s why securing your name on all social media platforms and for a website is important for your business. You can post it on other platforms starting today, tomorrow, or maybe never, but at least you have secured the name for yourself. And make sure it is easy to type and remember. For example, my website is my first and last name but all my social media are getremotewithLilli. I didn’t plan ahead, I know. But I did put my name in the social media handle to remind people how to spell my name, which isn’t the usual way you would spell it. This little trick helped me have people remember it better when having to type it. The idea is always to make sure your handle is easy to remember and type. And if your name or handle is more complicated make sure to find a way to make it easy to remember

TikTok with less than 1k

Now that you have secured the same (easy to remember) name for your website and throughout all your social media, let’s get to TikTok. The idea is to take people to go on your website and buy your stuff. Whether you sell your own things, services or do affiliate marketing, there are many ways to get people to visit your website or blog without a link in your bio.

Use text

  • You can manually write your website as text in your video inviting people to type it on their computer.

Example: make a non-talking video, add text as per what the video is for. Type your website in the text and set the duration, either the entire video or just one part of it.

  • You can either say it, just point to your TT handles or website written in the text of the video with trendy music while presenting the products you are promoting

Example: use trendy music in low volume, show your product on camera and in the explanation tell your audience where to find it saying clearly the name of the website

Use your voice

  • Say it in words, you can simply say it while talking. This is if you know that your website is easy and if it’s the same as your TT handle you can just say

Example: you can easily use the sentence: “check on my website, it’s the same as my TikTok handle”

  • You can invite them to send you a message on Instagram. On TikTok, you can easily connect your Instagram and your YouTube channel and they will appear with a small icon underneath your profile bio.

Example: you can create a specific call to action as DM on Instagram or Check my Instagram, all the deets in my YouTube channel

use props

Use props and effects

  • You can talk about your products and do a green screen with a screenshot of your notes with your website on.

Example: using a green screen effect, you talk to the camera presenting your products or services while having photos of your product and services and/or a screenshot of your notes with your website written on it.

  • You can talk to the camera and have in your hand or on a table, a prop, like a piece of paper for example, with your website written on it.

Example: You can be talking while holding a piece of paper in your hand with the name of your website written on it. Show your product and the package that has your website written on it.

There are many ways you can have people click on your website even without a link in your bio. Get creative and don’t stop at this small obstacle. You can do great things.