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Legendary Marketer – How To Do Marketing Right

You have heard about Legendary Marketer and don’t know what to think? So much hype around it, but is it worth it? How does it compare to other marketing schools? I’ll share with you today, my very own Legendary Marketer review.

I’ll go over the support system and coaching, the core four business models, the 15 Days Challenge, the Blueprints and the whole education system.

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What is Legendary Marketer?

 Legendary Marketer is an online marketing training school led by the successful internet entrepreneur Dave Sharpe. This program provides comprehensive and highly effective marketing training to people both starting and experienced in the industry. The school offers a variety of resources, such as a comprehensive library, an array of webinars, daily live coaching, community support, and over-the-shoulder coaching.

It provides high class education that help students to become successful entrepreneurs in the online world about the four core business models:

  • affiliate marketing
  • digital courses
  • events and masterminds
  • coaching and consulting

The most popular Legendary Marketer’s products are:

  • 15 Days Challenge
  • Blueprints
  • Legendary Marketer’s Club
  • Omni Branding Formula
  • Masterminds
  • Copywriter’s Playbook
  • 15 Seconds Free Leads
  • Insider’s Guide eBook

Let’s see them in detail

legendary marketer

The 15 Days Challenge

The first step in is usually through the 15 Days Challenge. A 7$ course with a great value that will teach you all the basics of running your own online business. It starts on day 1 sharing secrets on how to build a profitable business. On day 3, there’s a step to step video to set up your business to show how easy it is to indeed follow your dreams, if you are brave enough.

Continuing on the days everything comes together very easily. You will be asked to set up a call with a business plan advisor. In my case it was exactly what I needed to get out of the bubble of thinking “this is just another course I will never implement”. In my case, the call with the advisor was a way to get out of my brain and more into a doing mode.

The course goes on explaining what high income skills are and why you need to learn them.

It is pretty condensed of information and the worth that you get is way over the 7$.

This video will lead you to the Challenge

When you buy the 15 Days Challenge you enter a world that will make you want to know more. Every piece of information is precious and starting the implementation from day 1 will help get serious about yourself and find the path towards your dreams. You will have full access to the community on Facebook and can listen to the Legendary Wake Up morning show that is held LIVE Monday through Friday with motivation, success stories and proven strategies from a different guest every day.

The Blueprints

As you can imagine a powerful education like the one from Legendary Marketer has more to offer. During the 15 Days Challenge you are given the opportunity to buy the Blueprints, which is the ultimate marketing education anyone con offer. The Blueprints are a bit of an inversion with its price being 2500$. I had to take a few extra shifts at work to be able to buy them and I am happy I did. The learning experience was a bit overwhelming at first. There is so much information and everything is well explained and put into a video that can be listened, watched, studied at your own pace. And it can be rewatched as much as you need if you missed something. The Blueprints include education for all four business models.

But let’s see what the Blueprints offer more in detail:

  • how to identify your audience
  • how to set up your funnel and email autoresponder
  • TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube strategies
  • copywriting course
  • what is and how to do affiliate marketing
  • how to create, price, promote and sell online courses
  • how to create digital courses
  • how to organize events & masterminds
  • coaching and consulting
  • Access to Facebook Community
  • Daily technical support
  • Daily marketing support and direct feedback from resident and guest instructors

Now, you tell me if all of this isn’t worth of a whole College Business Education? And for only a fraction of the price.

Legendary Marketer’s Club

The Netflix of marketing training is a monthly subscription packed full of training, education and resources to start, grow and scale your online business. Members receive monthly access to a live virtual training workshop and access to a new class each month taught by an expert on a topic related to marketing, sales, management or operations. This curriculum, and the way it’s delivered, is the perfect way to grow your skills and your business without getting bogged down by information overload. Plus, there’s a weekly support call and all the former videos can be rewatched at any time. For the cost of 30$ a month it is a great way to put your second foot into the world of marketing online.

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Copywriter’s Playbook

This course is to learn all the juicy details about copywriting. A very powerful course that will help you turn your words into the tailored offer for your clients. It offers tips and tricks to grow your skill as a copywriter and in an easy and at a ridiculously low price of 1$. Even if you don’t care about the rest of the education Legendary Marketer offers, you need this book in your life

Get your Copywriter’s Playbook here

15 Seconds Free Leads

A course on how to generate free leads on TikTok. It offers strategies on how to never run out of content ideas and how to get started on TikTok. TikTok is the one social media at the moment that brings in the most viewers. If you want to start your online business of affiliate marketer or coach and consultant, TikTok is the first platform to consider to have your name and brand known. This video is so jam-packed of information that you will watch it over and over again to make sure you want miss anything.

This offer has a price of 1$ and offers the access to the 15 Days Challenge. Know more about the 15 Second Free Leads here

Insider’s Guide eBook

90 pages of Affiliate Marketing tips from the CEO himself. Dave Sharpe shares his knowledge on affiliate marketing in this booked filled with value with an added bonus of email templates, ad templates, and video scripts. It also includes access to the 15 Days Challenge.

Another low cost ticket with a price of 1.99$. Access the Insider’s Guide Book here

What do you get with Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer has four core business models: affiliate marketing, digital courses creation, events and masterminds, and coaching and consulting. When you join Legendary Marketer, you get access to a library of video training modules and resources that can help you along the way. You can get support from expert coaches and mentors, who can help you with understanding and implementing the materials to start generating money. This includes access to webinars, live coaching, and over-the-shoulder coaching from top-level marketers. Additionally, Legendary Marketer has an expansive resources section that provides useful information such as information about taxes, legal resources, and more.

What you get is not only a top notch education but also a support system that will have your back every step of the way.

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Is Legendary Marketer worth the hype?

It is probably the only course I’ve seen that tells you to keep your job. They explicitly say this is not a get rich quick scheme, this education is for life and the results can be limitless, if you implement what they teach and you do the work. No courses can guarantee you the money, at the end of the day YOU have to put in the work, YOU have to walk the steps.

The idea behind LM is that you have the education, the blueprints your roadmap to success but it is indeed you who have to do the walk. Sure you can pay someone to take you up the mountain but will you be able to understand it truly if you don’t do the steps yourself?

So, is it worth the hype? Absolutely! Legendary Marketer takes a unique approach to marketing training. This approach is more targeted and easier to adopt than other programs. The resources and support provided by Legendary Marketer makes it one of the best online marketing training programs available. This program helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. The library of video training modules is an invaluable resource for people both starting out and experienced in the marketing world. Plus, the live coaching makes it easy to ask questions and get help with any challenges you may come up against.

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Does it really give you what it promises?

Legendary Marketer doesn’t promise anything. It clearly states that it is not a get rich quick system. They offer an education that is up to YOU to implement in your business. Education without action doesn’t lead far, and they state it clearly. But on the other side they don’t leave any question unanswered which is a pretty cool point in my opinion.

All the night searching on YouTube and the whole internet for coaching and consulting, on affiliate marketing and online courses where exhausting and didn’t get me far. Legendary Marketer packed the information in a well presented program that finally answered my questions. It did open the doors to a thousand more questions but luckily between the community and the instructors, I always have them answered quickly.

Legendary Marketer promises a high class education and it delivers 101%

Then why so much negativity thrown at it? Let me ask these two questions:

Do you know of any company not having any haters? I think it’s part of the game.

And second, do you think those who throw fire at LM may be competitors or people that took the course and failed for not implementing what taught or someone jealous of the success LM has? Yes? Yes, I thought so too.

It took me a long time to see results but it was a problem on my end, it was not the education that failed. They teach proven strategies that work every single time. I started seeing success when I started following the paved path

Final thoughts on Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer was created with the goal of helping entrepreneurs reach financial freedom while earning a livable income.

 Legendary Marketer is an excellent option for people who are looking to become successful entrepreneurs in the online marketing world. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum, resources, and support that make it easy to jumpstart your journey. With the four core business models, you can easily put in the work and begin generating an income right away. While there are other programs out there that offer marketing training, I believe that Legendary Marketer stands out from the rest. Its comprehensive approach, library of resources, and live coaching help make sure that you get the most out of your training and reach financial freedom faster.