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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing – How to Get Free Traffic in 2023

Pinterest. We have all used it to check DIY Home projects or ideas for dinner and events right? Pinterest is much more than just pretty images and a good Pinterest Marketing strategy can benefit your website and business in unbelievable ways. And all organically! Which means with organic traffic. Which, yes, you got that right, it means free!

So, if it brings in a lot of traffic to a website and online store, why is it not used by every business like Facebook for example? Easy answer to that. Almost everybody has a Facebook account and everybody knows how to use it. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a complicated platform and you need to know it to navigate it well.

What is Pinterest?

Let’s start by saying Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. It is very social indeed, but it is actually a search engine. More likely a social search engine, like a Google with pretty images. As a platform Pinterest visually offers what in Google you need to click and browse around to find. In Pinterest, you can have a personal or business accounts.

Personal Accounts POV

Anyone can open a Pinterest account. Pinterest is like a big board in which you pin the images that most speak to you. For example, you are planning a wedding. You create a board with all the photos that most inspire you. They are all in the same place and very well organized instead of having a paper board with falling papers and things can get lost. You always have it with you on your phone and can add photos at any time. You can use that board not only as inspiration but also to find products to buy.

Business Accounts POV

Following the previous example. You are a florist and the previous bride-to-be really loved a bouquet you put in one of your pins surrounded by nicely put text and a link to your website. Following the link you added to your pin, she can now land on your website, find your contact information, and email you about that bouquet. You chat, offer her a good deal for the entire wedding and you just landed a full wedding client without much effort. All this just because of a pin you posted with a job you have already done.

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Why your Business needs Pinterest

Statistics show that Pinterest’s audience is mostly over 30 and female. The number of men using the platform is increasing but is still lower than the opposite sex which has been using Pinterest now for over 10 years. As a business owner, this detail is important to understand if Pinterest is your platform or not. If you sell fishing gear it might not be, but if you sell paint for walls and if you have tons of colors available, heck yeah, jump on Pinterest like yesterday my friend. Pinterest was born for DIY and Crafts and who doesn’t love a home renovation? If you sell paint, you should be on Pinterest and show off all the projects your paint has been used on. If you are a florist or a coach, Pinterest is for you too. If you have a product or a service that sells to the audience of Pinterest you should be in it. You should check what your audience looks for, do some keywords, competitors, and SEO searches, and create pins that solve the problem for your specific audience.

Pinterest is a platform where the audience has intent to buy. Think about this, you have some time to waste waiting in line for example. You jump on Tiktok or Instagram or Facebook and you get entertained and that was it. You wouldn’t go to Pinterest to be entertained. You would go to Pinterest to find something specific. Because you are looking for something most likely to buy. As a business owner that means that even if the audience is smaller than the billions of people on social media, your audience on your Pinterest account is an audience that is ready to buy. And if you increase the chances of being found, you can increase the chances of making a sale.

Different type of pins

There are 4 different types of pins. Image pins, video pins, carousel pins and Idea pins. Let’s see how each can benefit your business

Regular static image pins are 1500×1000 pixels. They are perfectly sized for the phone. These types of pins have been there the longest and still generate the most outbound clicks (clicks to the a link that is external to Pinterest, your own website or ecommerce). These Pins allow to have links directly to your website or ecommerce.

Video pins have the same size of the regular pins but they include a video or a moving element. They allow an external link.

Idea pin – carousel are a set of image pins turned into slides. You can also add music to it

Idea pins – video previously called Story Pins can be up to 20 slides or videos up to 60 seconds that can be made directly on the platform.

Idea pins create the most engagement and Pinterest is really pushing them as they are still the newest feature even if they are not so new anymore. Idea pins don’t allow external links but at the end of the video, they feature your profile description and a follow button. If your business account is connected to your store or e-commerce, your idea pins can redirect to the product. Whether you sell a product or a service, idea pins are what have to be added today in your pinning strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

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