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The Best Design Software – an enthusiastic Canva Review

Have you ever used a program that was so good you couldn’t believe how it was totally Free? Well, that’s because you haven’t used Canva yet. Here’s an honest yet still very enthusiastic Canva review.

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I was a very active Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica a few years ago (I only do online classes now). I wanted to promote my classes but didn’t know how to design anything. I found Canva through a fellow Yoga teacher and started using it. I was shocked at the infinite possibility a design could have. The templates were easy to change and the elements would give extra nice looks to the entire design. It was very user-friendly yet quite basic. And at that time, it was more than enough. I opened my free account and I still have it today after 9 years.

After that first moment, I found Canva evolving at the same pace as the world tech. It has introduced last year an AI feature that designs what you ask for and this if you can’t find what you are looking for among the thousands and thousands of available elements.

And it is still free

What exactly is Canva?

Canva is a designing software that helps you create designs of all kinds and shapes to use for your marketing, work, personal use, and even share and sell to others (more on that later).

Canva is probably the most used designing tool, by non-designers and by designers as well It’s all due to its being so user-friendly still after a decade.  

Things you can do on Canva

In Canva you can use their templates and elements, create new ones from scratch and upload your own illustration, pictures and videos. This mix creates infinite and more possibilities of design.

Let’s say you start with a premade template. You can customize fonts, colors, shapes, move all elements around and add more. I made the design on the right starting from the template on the left, and it took me less than 2 minutes

canva review

What Canva can do for your Business

Let’s say you want to create something from scratch because your company has a set palette and branding and you want to maintain the aesthetics. The Pro version Canva allows you to import and set a brand color palette and  fonts, so that you can easily reach for them any time you create something new.

You can create any kind of marketing material to be printed or emailed. You can even make a personalized and responsive website with Canva.

Canva is the one-stop you need to create all the design your brand needs. It is free for teachers if used for educational non-lucrative purposes. It has a free forever plan if you decide not to upgrade and it has a 14 days free trial for the pro (paid) version.

Differences between Free and Pro versions

You have access to the same things but in a limited form in the free version. You have access to every pro element and template and if you decide to use them just for that one time as you can’t find a free alternative, you can pay for that one-time usage right before downloading your creation.

The Pro version has content planning options, and it connects to your social media quite easily. Even if you think you don’t time to post on social media, guess what? You don’t need time, you set up your content and Canva will publish it in the chosen media for you.

In the Pro version you can resize the same design without starting from zero. Let’s say you want the same design for a Facebook post and a Pinterest post. They have different sizes, in the Pro version you can resize your post and adjust it to make it look better for the new size and have two designs in a shorter amount of time without having to start from zero with the second.

You can animate your texts and images, create video clips, and actually everything you think of. They have also released a new AI feature that writes texts for you

If you are in the digital products business you can create your design from scratch and sell it. Some sellers make tons of money through Canva. You can sell editable templates, using the sharing feature Canva itself has set up. Look for example at my E-book template I have in my shop, made with Canva, shared as template, ready for you to edit to make it yours.

This following table (made with Canva) gives you a visual of the difference between the Free and the Pro versions

Things you can’t do on Canva

For easy passive income you can sell templates, planners, write Ebooks and it’s all good money. Read why here. Canva has its own regulations and if you want to start selling Canva designs you need to be very aware of those, but basically, if you create a design from scratch using your fonts or the authorized ones and don’t make the people of photos look bad, you are good to go. Read more here.

If we stick to the design part, some elements can’t be changed in shape or colors. It is plenty of alternatives though and there is more than enough to choose from.

If you plan to sell what you have made in Canva and receive compensation for that you need to be aware of Canva regulations and terms which are pretty clear and state this:

You can’t just sell any design you made in Canva. The regulations are pretty clear and state that you can’t sell anything made in the Educational free account because that doesn’t have lucrative purposes, only educational. You can’t sell premade templates, you need to create one from scratch. You can’t sell designs where the people in the images are depicted in a bad way. You can’t sell designs made with Pro features.

It is decent common sense what you can and can’t sell, considering the fact that you have a free account that can make you big bucks.

Free Canva Vs Pro Canva

There obviously are benefits and more features on the Pro Canva account, but with the Free Account you still have access to thousands of elements and many design to create beautiful images and videos.

I do plan all my Pinterest posts through Canva and make all my marketing material with the Pro account. But on the other side, all the digital products I have for sale are made with the Free account so that I have access to what I can sell and what my clients can edit when I share a template.

Open your Canva account here for free and Here to have access to a 14 days free trial on the Pro account.