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Side Hustles

Why Digital Products sell like crazy.

And why you should start working on your digital products side hustle TODAY

Digital Products are not a new concept, but it is everywhere now and here’s why. If there’s something 2020 has taught us is that we can lose our jobs at any moment.

Getting online was a priority and many people really loved it and still do. So when the employer started asking their employees to go back to the cubicle in the office, the anxiety level of many individuals started to peak. The commute, the desk job and the cold office were giving them nightmares.

The other side of an office job

That’s when the SIDE HUSTLE culture came out. Everyone started to look for a way to make money online on the side of their main job just because they started knowing they could lose it any time. There’s a long list of side hustles that make good money even with a couple of hours a day. One that showed the best result was the sale of digital products.

When we talk about digital products, most think of their friends using Canva to make sometimes great some other times not so great designs and sell them on Etsy as wall art.

But thinking of digital products is not talking about wall art only.

Working on digital products

So, let’s get straight to it, what is a digital product?

A digital product is a product that does not have a physical form. It can be quickly downloaded, often upon purchase, and that has a digital form to be used on a screen or it becomes physical if and only if you decide to print yourself. It can be anything from wall art to print at home, planners, but also apps, courses to follow at your own pace, notes to study, and so on.

It is easy to make. And those doing it before 2020 were making good money because the competition was way low than it is now. And those same people started telling how easy it was to make good money that everyone and their neighbor jumped on that train. Those same sellers started making courses to sell on Etsy, Amazon KDP or your own website and made more money selling the digital course. See the pattern there?

“I designed some products, but I didn’t get any traction”

The problem with digital products is that the making part is the easiest one. But creating it is just one of the many steps of making a living out of it or just as side hustle. There’s market research to see if the ideas you have in your mind can actually make you some bucks. Keywords, competitors, average prices, designs that sell, all this must be calculated and searched even before your own designing. And then the creation part that can be done or bought from a third party. And then the presentation, photos, mockups, listings, this is the part to make your design or product desirable from the masses. The description using keywords you have previously made your research on. The most or least fun, get traffic, meaning get eyes to see your products, telling the world about your beautiful and useful items through social media and Pinterest. The final part which is the actual sale.

Why is it so great to sell digital products?

Selling a digital item is one of the most passive income opportunities:

It is made once and you can sell it forever, so you just must work on a great product and you can sell it as much as you want. All the creative job has been done.

It doesn’t require any inventory, nor shipping or storage because it doesn’t have any physical shape.

It presents unlimited growth in sales without having to scale productivity.  

They are adaptable to every niche. You can literally write ebooks or create courses on any niche.

Information is the currency of the future. Information and knowledge will never run out of market. People is always hungry to know more about any topic. Whether you are knowledgeable about how to run a bunny farm, crossfit, how to make natural cleaning product or make a checklist for people with ADHD to do before leaving home, people want to know and they are willing to pay for that knowledge.

Due to its digital nature, there are no shipping costs making it easier to reach the entire world. In most cases you can start for free, meaning that there’s high margin of income with no to low production cost.

Once you have set up your sale system through a funnel and a website that do all the work you can just sit back and create fun and educational content on social media to get eyes to see your products.

If you were looking for a sign to write an ebook or make planners, wedding invites or whatever it is you want to make, this is your sign

or make planners, wedding invites or whatever it is you want to make, this is your sign

And let me know what you make, I might want to buy it.